Ole Ntimama Bows Out

Ole Ntimama rose from being a councillor during President Kenyatta’s reign to an Mp and a powerful cabinet minister both in Moi’s and Kibaki’s reign.

He was known for championing Maasai community land rights and would at any length to institute personal fight with those he differed with. His sense of humor and a hearty laugh endeared many to him.


Barcelona Fan’s Dream of Being a Sports Columnist  Becomes a Reality

Odhiambo is determined and ready to nurture other upcoming sports writers after the two months mentorship under the Goal Kenya editor, Dennis Mabuka. He is ready for contributions and criticism from friends, other sports writers and the fellow BLAZE correspondent competitors.

Helix is preparing to have the best for his audience. To write good stories that the readers will find a reason to open the column and spend their time on. He is planning to always share his work with readers and other writers to make sure his column goes vibrant.