Influx of Street Children in Eldoret Raises Concern

Chokora picked by Parent

The young boy who had ran to the streets as a chokora before being found by the father (in yellow cap) and taken back home.          Photo/EN

Since the beginning of this year year there has been a huge influx of street children in Eldoret Town. It was only yesterday when a parent caused a stir in the streets of the town as he dragged his 11 year old son who had ran from home to etch a living on the streets.

The father recounted of how the boy had run away from home to beg for food and money on the streets. He urged the onlookers not give cash to street children as this lures many to come to the streets even when they have caring families at home.

This is just one of the good ending incident of some of the street children. Others are left to live on their own and meet death in very controversial manner. Few months ago, there was a decry amongst the members of the public and the street families that some county officials were getting rid of the Chokoras  by poisoning their food or beating them to death.

Yesterday, Rehema Chemutai Nominated MCA in the County Assembly of Uasin Gishu demanded a statement from the leader of government business Josphat Lowoi on what steps the county government had taken so far to curb the increasing number of street children.

“We passed a motion in this house at the beginning of the year directing the county government of Uasin Gishu through its department of Children and Social services to relocate all street children to children’s homes but it seems nothing has been done,” read the statement in part.

Lowoi replied that he will follow up the matter with the responsible department through the house committee on social services.


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