Booming Market for Ngamia Milk in Eldoret

Christine Rotich, is not your ordinary farmer or trader. She has ventured into a little known world of producing and selling camel milk. She plies her trade in Eldoret, a town known for cow milk.

The camel milk business is booming and she is cashing from it big. Her customers come from all walks of life. Most of them have never seen a camel but all appreciate the sweetness and richness of the milk.

Ms. Rotich gets the milk from Kerio Valley and transports it to Eldoret which has ready market.

There is a cultural shift among the Kalenjin community with booming camel milk produced in Kerio Valley selling like hot cake in Eldoret. This is what has been branded as doping by  those who do not know the rich proteins from this kind of milk.


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