Parents’ Pain as Students Report Back to School

Back to School in Eldoret TownThe streets of eldoret are swarming with students and parents as they make the last shopping for the third term that commences this week. others are seen at the various bus parks boarding vehicles to the various schools around the country.

Third Term is the shortest one in the year with only eight weeks. The finalists in both primary and secondary schools are set to begin their exams in November. During the exam period as stipulated by the new Ministry of education rules, the other students should have closed for end of year holiday leaving the candidates to sit their exams.Back to School in Eldoret Town streets

As the schools open both the parents and students are faced by the ghosts of second term that saw school fires and strikes across the country. More burden has fell on parents as they have been forced by the Ministry of education and school administration to cater for the losses during the arson and strikes by their children

The burden is even much heavier on parents with children in schools where the dormitories were razed down. Parents have now been tasked with constructing new ones as students are forced to squeeze in the available ones. In other schools that were hit hard by the arson activities have been forced to convert classrooms into temporary dorms.

Students who were also arrested on suspicion of planning and/or setting on fire school property have been barred from resuming their third term studies. They have also been denied the option of transferring to other schools.


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