EACC Boss Kinisu Bows to Pressure and Resigns

Philip Kinisu

Philip Kinisu   Photo/Courtesy

The embattled Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission boss Philip Kinisu has today resigned. This follows pressure from the National assembly committee on Justice and Legal Affairs coupled with Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Kenyans who have been up in arms over his dealings in the NYS scandal.  It had been alleged that one of his firms was awarded a tender by the NYS.

He had denied any involvement with the company but later on admitted as being a signatory to the firm’s account. Today in a letter that has been doing rounds on social media, Kinisu says that the continued pressure to resign has to a great extent affected him negatively including his family and business

Kinisu Resignation LetterKinisu also cites intimidation from government institutions and individuals who are out to ensure he does not succeed in the war against corruption. Kinisu has pointed out in his resignation letter that all allegations have not been substantiated and that some people are using the media to tarnish his reputation.

He accuses the media of being used to accuse, try and judge him.


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