Barcelona Fan’s Dream of Being a Sports Columnist  Becomes a Reality

By Bendettah Moses



It has been a dream and a burning desire for Helix Odhiambo a finalist, journalist and a sports writer from Moi University to own a sports column in one of the leading sports websites in the world. The BLAZE correspondent competition on Goal Kenya has translated Odhiambo’s dream to reality. The Barcelona fan has a story to tell.

“The competition was tough, calling for all my power, energy, hope and efforts towards the victory.” Odhiambo recalls.

It was a vision that has been translated to certainty, to translate his talent as a sports writer and raise it to another level. To him, owning a column in one of the most leading sports site, for two months is a privilege. It will offer him a chance for improvements, experiences and even disappointments but ultimately a ladder to more opportunities ahead.

Odhiambo is determined and ready to nurture other upcoming sports writers after the two months mentorship under the Goal Kenya editor, Dennis Mabuka. He is ready for contributions and criticism from friends, other sports writers and the fellow BLAZE correspondent competitors.

Helix is preparing to have the best for his audience.  To write good stories that the readers will find a reason to open the column and spend their time on. He is planning to always share his work with readers and other writers to make sure his column goes vibrant.

Helix Odhiambo

Helix Odhiambo during the interview.   Photo/Bendettah

“For the column to go vibrant, I am ready to accept corrections from my mentor, my friends and other writers. This has been a dream and I am ready to work hard to impress the Goal Kenya and my readers for more opportunities ahead.” He concedes.
Odhiambo has been a Barcelona fan since 2004 and he says that he not only their style of play but also their Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

“They are up to much more than just playing. They are always there for their society, to eradicate poverty and raise the living standards of the poor. They encourage me; I breathe sports because of them.” Odhiambo says of his favorite soccer club with much enthusiasm.


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