Mzee Kibor Causes a Stir by Sawing off Kanjo Clamp

Mzee Kibor

There was drama in Eldoret town on this morning when veteran politician and prominent Uasin Gishu farmer, Mzee Jackson Kibor, broke a clamp placed on his top of range vehicle by county askaris.

Mr Kibor  had parked his Land Cruiser V8 along the Street while he transacted some business in the adjacent building when it was clamped by county askaris over failure to pay parking fees.

“He had not paid the parking fee, that is why we clamped the car,” said a parking attendant.

However on arrival at the scene, outraged Mzee Kibor who is known for courting controversy, took a hacksaw and sawed off the chain holding the clamp as county askaris fled the scene to escape his rage.

According to Kibor, he pays rates for the building in town and should therefore be freely allowed to park his car along the street.

This is not the first time Kibor’s car has been clamped. Last year the politician’s car was clamped along Oloo street when he left it briefly to run an errand at the bank.


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