More Protests Over Bad Roads

Poor Road Protests

Protesters in Kiplombe plant maize stalks on the neglected road.    Photo/EN

Residents of various parts of Eldoret Town and its environs are up in arms in what they term as bad roads and neglect by the various authorities concerned. Yesterday the residents of Kiplombe led by boda boda riders raised their voices when they blocked the main road that connects Kiplombe and the Uganda road.

Watch the video of the protest here: Demos Over Poor Roads

They complained of mud and flooding of the roads especially during this rainy season. According to some of the boda boda riders, the road has been promised to be murramed by various their leaders but is yet to be. They claim that when county government is asked they say they will look into it even though the road falls under the national government.

The protesters planted stalks of maize on the road.


Also in arms were the residents who use the Old Nairobi Road that connects Annex through Elgon View to Pioneer Estates. The road was under construction but has been abandoned. There is heaps of soil along the road and trenches left by the contractor. This has left stagnant water and a lot of mud on he road making impassable to all road users from pedestrians, boda boda riders and vehicles.


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