Go for Regular Health Checkups


Speaker Terer being examined for blood pressure. Mr. Patrick Bundotich, chairman looks on as a medical staff from Eldoret administers.     Photo/EN

Kenyans have been urged to go early for and regular health checkups to avoid succumbing to non communicable diseases. Speaking to journalists after the launch of health awareness exercise sponsored by Eldoret Hospital at the county Assembly of Uasin Gishu, Speaker Isaac Terer asked Kenyans to know the status of their health at the earliest opportunity possible.

Watch the News Clip here: Go for Regular Health Checkups

“Most people go for testing too late when some of these diseases have advanced and are now at the peak level where little can be done.” Terer said.

The Eldoret Hospital is conducting a three day free health awareness campaign across Eldoret Town from 27th – 29th July 2016. The campaign is geared towards people knowing their sugar and blood pressure levels. During the exercise people are tested for blood sugar, blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI).

The Uasin Gishu County Assembly Health Committee chairman Patrick Bundotich noted that most of the no communicable diseases are not easily noticeable unless one is tested.


Isaac Terer, Josphat Lowoi and Patrick Bundotich address the media during the health awareness.   Photo/EN

“Cancer and high blood pressure should never be killer diseases as they can be detected early and be treated.” Said Bundotich.

He urged everyone to take the earliest opportunity to go for tasting as lifestyle diseases can affect anyone.

The assembly’s Leader of Majority Josphat Lowoi asked everyone to go for cancer, diabetes and blood pressures testing as the conditions are now claiming more lives than before.

“The cost for treating these diseases when they are at an advanced stage is very expensive and most people cannot afford. We are holding fundraisings every now and then for cancer patients to go for treatment in India.” Lowoi observed.

Mr. Lowoi added that most of those who are affected by these diseases end up dying due to lack of awareness and funds to get the right medication.

Terer advised people to embrace natural foods as they do not have chemicals and also embrace healthy lifestyles to prevent most of the contemporary diseases.


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