Students Caught in Crossfire at Kapenguria Police Station

14 students of Chewoyet High School will live to remember yesterday as the day they brushed shoulders with death and came out alive. This follows the exchange of fire between police their colleague who had gone on a shooting spree at the Kapenguria Police station.

Police at high alert


The shooting and exchange of fire between the police called in to quell the fracas and the rogue police went on for at least five hours till noon. The students were in the cells after being detained following a fire outbreak at their school.

The students were clearly shaken when the cells doors were opened to be assured of their safety. In the cells the students had been detained by other persons whom police indicated had no proper or no personal identification documents with them. Most of them had been locked up after being arrested along Kitale-Kapenguria highway for failing to produce identification documents.

Chewoyet High School


Terror suspect Omar Okwaku was also in the cells whom the police say Constable Abdi Hakim Maslah was out to free.

Yesterday, Uasin Gishu County Assembly Speaker Isaac Terer had raised his concern on why terror suspects were held under the same roof with other petty offenders. Terer had advised that terror suspects be detained separately under tighter security.


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