Doping Haunts Athletes’ Training Camp

Two European Media Houses have raised claims that Kenyan doctors have been administering banned drugs to Kenyan and foreign athletes in Eldoret and Iten training camps. German television channel ARD and The Sunday Times of London on Saturday night ran a story implicating Kenyan doctors that they were administering blood-booster EPO (Erythropoitin) to athletes to enhance their performance.IMG_5227

The two media houses went further to say that through their undercover journalists they had found empty EPO packs and used syringes in rooms and dustbins at the High Altitude Training Center (HATC) in Iten.

HATC is a leading training center for top athletes including World and Olympics champions. The story also implicated three unnamed British athletes.

But, the co-owners of the camp record holder athlete Lornah Kiplagat and his Dutch husband Pieter Langerhorst have refuted the claims.

Speaking to Daily Nation, Mr. Langerhorst said that ARD and Sunday Times are trying their old tactics they used in 2012 just before Olympics to tarnish the Kenyan name.

“ARD never asked me for a reaction, which says enough. It looks thay want to destroy Kenyan and British athletes.”

He revealed that no Kenyan athlete stays at the camp and that if the two media houses have proof they should publish names.



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