South Africa 800 meters runner Mr/Miss Semenya has been tormenting Kenyans in international athletics meet of late beating Kenyan queens led by Eunice Sum. Kenyan sports fans have always protested that Semenya is a man running in  women races. Well , Kenyans have given Semenya a dose of his/her own medicine by coming up with Kenyan Semenye. The new Kenyan Semenye rocked Kipchoge stadium with her record run in Eldoret before thousands of Kenyan fans among them Deputy President William Ruto. Mr ha ha Madam Margaret Nyairera caused a star with her poses with many journalists struggling to take her photo while fans wanted to shake her hand.

Semenya returned to the track this year after being dogged by many claims over her gender. IAAF  cleared her to race without issuing details on her gender . The masculine Nyairera will attract international attention in Rio Olympics in Brazil especially if she runs away with Olympic Gold . It is interesting that 800 meters women race has always  had controversy for many years from the masculine Maria Mutola of Mozambique who was unbeatable in the race .


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