Splendor of Eldoret: Biggest and Tallest Building West of Nairobi

For a long time the Eldoret town has become synonymous with the tag that it is a City of Champions. This is a fact as most of the best athletes in Kenya hail from this town. It is also a city of champions because it plays host and access to world renowned athletics training grounds including the Kipchoge Stadium, race tracks of University of Eldoret and Moi University (Annex) and a one hour drive to the Iten High Altitude Athletics Training Camp.

But the city of champions in the last 10 months has transformed its skyline. The Moi University Pension Scheme (MUPS) Plaza is the pioneer in breaking the sky in the town that has rode on the Kenyan map as not only champion producer but a bread basket and lately an academic hub. The town has been experiencing a fast paced development in infrastructures which got a paradigm shift with the completion of the 26 storied MUPS Plaza. This twin tower commercial complex has overshadowed other buildings in the town.


The Moi University Pension Scheme (MUPS) Plaza is not only the biggest and tallest building West of Nairobi, but also it boasts of being the current face of Eldoret Town.   Photo/EldoretNewsline.

MUPS Plaza christened The Splendor of Eldoret is located in the heart of the town along Nairobi Road. Indeed it is not only a magnificent landmark, but the twin tower plaza boasts of being the biggest and tallest building West of Nairobi. Among its special features include multi floor car park, expansive office space, penthouse, restaurant, health club and swimming pool.

The building has 5 dedicated floors for parking, 3 in the basement parking levels and 2 others on the mezzanine floor fitted with ultra-modern car lift. These internal car park have a capacity to hold 600 cars while the outside one has a capacity of around 80 cars. This goes a long way in salvaging the parking space in Eldoret Town that are becoming inadequate as the town’s population of vehicle owners keeps on increasing.

The office space range from 54 square meters to whole floor space. The building has 17 well designed and dedicated office floors from 7th to 23rd floors. The onset of devolution and influx of many companies setting up regional offices in the North Rift, office spaces have been running out. The MUPS Plaza has offered the state of art office space for these companies including the Kenya’s leading media house, Nation Media Group. Nation Media Group is in the process of setting up a replica of its Nairobi’s Nation Center studios and offices here.

A restaurant and a swimming pool is located on the 24th floor. The floor will also feature an ultra-modern health club. This makes MUPS plaza a self-contained modern building in addition to the penthouse on the 25th floor.

The 26th and 27th floors will hold the mechanical workshop and the communication masts respectively. Movement from one floor to the next is facilitated by six high speed lifts to each tower independently and two of them being panoramic. The building has a number of stairs to all the floors and dedicated ramps to cater for the persons with disabilities and movement of much heavier cargo.

MUPS Plaza scores a first in the North Rift as the only building with a perforated aluminum skin wall for solar shading, full solar powered lighting system, self-sufficient internet connectivity and around the clock CCTV surveillance in and outside the building.



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