Deaths of Street Children Worrying, Says Human Rights Commission

The Kenya National¬†Commission Human Rights (KNCHR) has come out to condemn the now rising cases of street children being killed in Eldoret Town. Speaking yesterday during the commission’s inquiry into conflict management in the North Rift, Commissioner Shatikha Chivusia said that most of the street children are shunned by the society.


There have been claims by the public that the street children are being killed by Uasin Gishu County officers and their bodies dumped into either River Sosian or in the mortuary   Photo/EldoretNewsline

There had been claims by the public that the children are being killed by the Uasin Gishu County officers.

“Our officers in the North Rift region are investigating these claims. It is not right to kill street children because every Kenyan deserves a right to life,” she said.

Residents of Eldoret have been shocked by the discovery of bodies of street children drowned in Sosian River. The river passes through the middle of the town.

A few months ago the streets families held a demonstrations towards the county headquarters carrying the body of one of them that had been found in drowned in Sosian River. They claimed that he had been killed by County askaris and his body dumped in the river. The police were called in to disperse them and the body taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Mortuary.

But now the tactics have changed as bodies of those killed are being dumped at the mortuary. Speaking to Eldoret Newsline, Kelly, one of the street boys said that they suspect there is an order from senior county officials to get rid of street families in the town.

“Vitisho zao za kutufukuza kila siku hazijafaulu, kwa hivyo wameona watuuwe ndio tuogope. Tunaomba hao watu wajue sisi ni watu pia, sio panya,” (Their threats of chasing us away have not succeeded, now they have resorted to murder in order to scare us. We are appealing to them that we are also human beings not rats), he revealed.

A week ago Francis Muya and Peter Chomba, Members of County Assembly from Langas and Huruma Wards respectively had petitioned the State to institute criminal proceedings against perpetrators of the killings. They also accused the County Government of abetting and failing to take action against the killers.



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